Nidra yoga and Breath work

During a class of Nidra yoga and pranayama:

  • You experience moments of silence. 
  • You will increase your energy and your awareness. 
  • And Nidra yoga helps you to feel refreshed after a day of working or before/ during a day of working. 
  • Breath exercises will help you making space for creativity and alertness.

Nidra Yoga is deep guided relaxation. As a result, one hour of Nidra yoga stands for four hours of sleep. For Nidra yoga, you need a blanket or yoga mat and a shawl to keep you warm. This practice is without any movement. And it is more relaxing than Yin yoga.

The session will be Amsterdam time:

For time difference you can check: https://www.worldtimebuddy.com/

If you encounter any problem, please message me.

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