Grateful for clean air

I’m so grateful for the clean air I breathe in and out. I was never really aware of how blessed I’m with fresh air. In Delhi (India), the atmosphere is very polluted especially during autumn and winter.

Since then every morning when I come outside of my house in the mid of Amsterdam,  I stop for a moment, just for a few seconds and focus in the middle of the chest little to the right. Now breath in and out.

  • breathing in the clean and fresh air and breathing out
  • feeling the wind touching my lips
  • touching the inner parts of my nose
  • filling my lungs up with clean air.

It just makes my day to be aware of it an feeling so much joy and gratefulness.

We are remembering that many people are not so lucky and living in a city where the air is very polluted.

I can not understand why there is so much unawareness about this subject as it such a basic need. Polluted air makes us sick and not only physically but also mentally.

Being grateful brings me back to the present moment, connecting with myself, saying thank you.

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