One-day silent retreat 20 October

This retreat invites you to explore the silence within, independent of your surrounding.

Do you want to know who you truly are in silence?

Who am I?

This one-day silence retreat is especially for you. During this retreat, you have time to investigate who you are and what is alife. Without a smartphone or any other distraction.

You focus on the heart as the doorway to your essence.
The Bonpo Tibetans say the mind is in the heart, many other teachers point to the heart, like for instance Ramana Maharshi, Jesus and the Sufis.

You will practice bringing your mind in the heart. So you can see without judgement and with openness to yourself and to others

You will learn how to come home in the heart in silence even if your surrounding is very busy.

So many times, we are busy to focus our attention on others that we forget ourself.
During this retreat, you will learn to give attention to your inner world out of love for yourself and for those you love.

By resting your mind in the heart, you dissolve your projections and judgements.

What do you need to bring:

• yoga/meditation clothes
• warm socks
• pullover
• If you have your own meditation cushion, please bring it with you.
• If you have a mala bring it with you (if we have time, we will practice with it)


• 45 euro for a whole day from 9:15 until 17:00 hour
• Simple lunch
• Tea /water

Global agenda:

From 9.15 walk-in
From 10.00 Welcome, explanation, asana practice, pranayama and meditation.
Around 13.00 simple vegetarian lunch
From 14:00 until 17:00 meditation broken up with short breaks and depending on the weather, a meditative walk through the Sarphati Parc.

Location: The “Yogasalon” in the Pijp, Eerste van der Helststraat 70 in Amsterdam. The Yogasalon is on the first floor and is only be reached by stairs.

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