Live online Meditation/pranayama (breathwork)

During a live online class of Pranayama and meditation, you will experience a deep feeling of grounding, clarity and focus. 

  • You may experience moments of silence. 
  • You will increase your energy and your awareness. 
  • Feel refreshed after/ before or during a day of working depending on your time zone.
  • Just imagine how it is when you finish this class, you feel so much more calmed and relaxed. 
  • Breath exercises will help you making space for creativity and alertness.

This class is for complete beginners and advanced practitioners.

For my actual schedule of classes check my schedule, Your first class will be free.

Time zone: If you are in a different time zone check your time: https://www.worldtimebuddy.com/

or if you live in the EU after your first class i share you my other payment possibilities.

See also my facebook events her: FB Events

A little about the education I followed you can find here: CV

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